Autumn has arrived at Waiotapu Camp

Crisp nights are replaced by warm days among the yellowing leaves and awesome sunsets:  Yes, autumn is well underway.

Just a reminder to visitors that there is no heating in our huts.  If you prepare as if you will be sleeping in a tent, then you will be comfortable.

We love this time of year at Waiotapu Camp – everything is so lush and green, the days are clear, and at night you can see more stars than you can possibly count.

We take bookings all year, and Autumn/Winter bookings have been coming in nice and steady.

Bookings flowing in nicely

It’s nice to see bookings flowing in for 2022, and even for 2023!

It seems that we’ve turned a corner where we have confidence the near future won’t look like 2020, and planning is going on well in advance for some wholesome time away at Camp Waiotapu.

To check if your event fits our calendar, click on the Bookings link and check out our live calendar.  If the days are open, you can claim them for your event.

New year, new people, new camp!

We are so giddy right now.  Waiotapu Camp is in the middle of a number of upgrades.  And you are looking at one right now:  The website is getting a  complete overhaul.  

Even though the Camp is aiming to give visitors a genuine Forest Camp experience that takes you back to nature and things they used to be, the Website needs to get into the Twenties with the latest technology at your fingertips.

We are happy to report we have just received Google Sponsorship through their Non-profit program, and part of this is to overhaul our communications.

So if you are a Waiotapu Allumni or you have never dealt with us before, make a note to come back in a while to see how things are progressing.

(Pssst – major upgrades in the kitchen… we wish we had one of these commercial dishwashers at home!   More to come…)