The kind of activities you can do while at Camp are going to be different depending on the type of group you have.

Some people will simply enjoy the fresh air, the peace and quiet, and the ability to tune out from their busy lives for a few days.

Others will turn up with 80 children that need to be kept busy!

Corporate retreats, weddings, club weekends, schools, club groups, Cadets, and birthday parties are all going to find something to suit them at our Camp.

  • Small Indoor Climbing Wall
  • Basic low ropes confidence course
  • 2 streams suitable for studying aquatic life (ie. koura, brook trout)
  • Grassed playing field
  • Areas for bivouac construction and sleepovers
  • Historic “haunted” cabin
  • 2.5 km to Kerosene Creek thermal bathing
  • 3 km to Rainbow Mountain trekking & mountain biking tracks
  • 5 km to Waiotapu Thermal Wonderland and Waimangu Volcanic Valley
  • 8 km to Waikite Thermal Springs & Tamaki Maori Village
  • Limited Wi-Fi access, great for de-digitalising, online “intervention” and getting back to basics

With large grassed areas and a large hall, the camp caters to both good and average weather.  No matter the forecast, your time at Waiotapu can be a memorable success.

Instead of highly developed features, our open spaces lend themselves to being used by you to implement your ideas, plans, and objectives.

Here are some ideas previous guests have executed:


  • Sports and fitness
  • Team building exercises
  • Navigation exercises
  • Search and Rescue exercises
  • Burma trails
  • Physical education
  • Confidence building
  • AGMs
  • Annual club getaways
  • Birthdays, 21sts
  • Weddings, anniversaries
  • Corporate retreats
  • Interventions (addictions, behavioral)
  • Sales conferences

If you have an idea and wonder if Waiotapu can cater for it, just contact us and we can tell you what’s possible. 

We find that in a world where people are getting more comfort, are more digitally connected, and expect high levels of luxury wherever they go, the opportunity to go back to basics, strip away the noise and the distractions, and spend quality time with other people is increasingly sought after.

The Trust that rescued Waiotapu from destruction specifically has its primary aims to get people closer to nature, closer to themselves, and to re-discover the true important things in life.  As a result, we have resisted the arms-race of installing TVs in every unit, high speed Internet for everyone, warm luxurious showers in every hut.  Strip all that away, and you’ll re-discover a part of life that seems very hard to come by these days.